i don’t want to be fat any more

bought a £3 four sizes too small stick-on bra for tinkerbell because for some reason the back is incredibly low

this will be fun


we take for granted all the times our nose isn’t stuffy




orange is the new black meme

[1/3] friendships: Poussey Washington and Taystee Jefferson

I didn’t mean to let you down.

things I can do; this

finally got it

also, the back pieces of the dress have all been tacked together, and I pinned the back and the front together and it looks like it’ll definitely fit, with room left over, thank god

for fuck’s sake i’ve been trying to put this one-item order through from black milk since the second it was released and it will not let me pay and i am severely pissed off because it’s gone to made to order whilst i was trying to pay and it’ll take bloody ages just because the bloody website won’t bloody load