resolutions for next year:

  • to have gotten a job
  • to have made a cosplay from scratch
  • to have passed uni
  • to have had some sort of lasting romantic relationship (that isn’t one-sided in any way)
  • to be a little bit closer to being a responsible grown-up (HA)

I’m going to reblog this and queue it for my birthday next year and see what I’ve actually done

Tsukini Kawatte, Oshioki yo!

when people are like “she’s got to be at least 16, people under 16 don’t have those boobs/hips/whatever”

had dd cups by the time i was 13 and had a larger-than-average chest since i was 11 like funnily enough not all people go through puberty in the same way

i’m so excited to work on tinkerbell it’s going to be so much fun and so great to be like “i made this all myself”



Is it obnoxious for me to say that, if your favorite musical is Wicked or The Phantom of the Opera, then you probably haven’t seen a lot of musicals?


done something productive today!

done something productive today!

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